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Surface Recovery Technologies offers paint stripping, coating removal, and rust removal services to handle virtually any coating removal requirement, from industrial paint stripping to rust removal . Our processes include both chemical immersion and the use of our burn-off ovens. Our experience in paint stripping and coating removal has been utilized on different coatings across a multitude of industries, metals and coating types. 



Paint Stripping & Coating Removal Specialists

Paint Stripping & Coating Removal Services

Chemical Immersion
chemical immersion line for paint stripping

Surface Recovery’s chemical immersion cleaning process is used for organic paint stripping and coating removal from both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Chemical immersion is an ideal process for complex  aluminum forgings, metal stampings and castings, with methods that include:

  • Alkaline/Acid Cleaning
  • Rust Preventative & Rust Removal
  • Laser Oxide/Scale Removal

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Burn-off Oven for Coating Removal

SRT uses burn-off ovens to remove heavy-laden paint coatings on steel parts, carbon steel, steel alloy, iron, castings, super alloys and ferrous metals to reclaim the part. Burn-off ovens have become the easiest, least expensive and safest way to strip coated materials. Using our burn-off ovens for paint stripping and coating removal is an ideal process for any type of production paint fixture or hook found on industrial paint line

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